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Dina Gohil set up DG Podiatrist in 2014 after seeing a gap in the market for both a medically trained podiatrist and beautifying foot treatments.

The consequence is a list of treatments covering all aspects of foot health. If you have any pressing issues like calluses, corns, ingrown nails, fallen arches and pain, you can book in to see her for a detailed consultation, overhaul and treatment plan (be sure to take any prior medical notes with you).

Alternatively, if your feet are in need of some TLC and you’d like an expert, thorough medical pedicure but with some serious beauty finesse thrown in, then only seeing Margaret Dabbs or Bastien Gonzalez themselves comes close. Which explains why her London Medical Pedicure has proved such a hit – nails are cleaned, filed, buffed and shaped and any areas of dry skin smoothed and hydrated.

You can also forget having to go to some musty medical location in Harley Street – instead Dina has a chic treatment room on Molton Street, which helps to bridge the gap even more between doctor and pedicurist.

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