Kamilla Schaffner

Central London


Destino Says...

Nutrition is a murky area – with many unqualified people calling themselves an expert having done minimal study. Not so with Schaffner, a glamorous, glowing Clinical Nutritionist (meaning she had to do several years of study in clinic after a medical degree with a focus on clinical nutrition, pharmacology, anatomy, nutritional data interpretation, and biochemical imbalances in diseases).

As a result, there’s a razor sharp intensity to her that fills you with confidence that no stone will be left unturned and any fleeting dietary “fads” that will have been analysed and approved or rejected under her expert eye. Yes, she might send you for blood or stool testing but only if it seems worth it once she’s cast her clinical eye over your detailed food log (something she asks all clients to keep). Her approach after that is to find the foods that will suit each individual client (many of whom are bankers, depleted mothers and teens).

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