The Top 5: At-Home Cardio Classes

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    Barry's UK

    The team behind this infamous 1000 calorie workout have two main lockdown offerings: a live daily timetable of classes including 35 minute guided runs and bodyweight/HIIT Red Room sessions, or a 4 week on-demand Survival Program comprising two pre-recorded classes a day to complete at times that suit you.

    Why We Love It For Lockdown
    Take the thinking/planning/psyching up out of getting in shape with their 4 week program. Their running classes replicate the true Barry's experience - you can do them outside or if you're winning at lockdown (and life) and own your own, on a treadmill.

    Essential Info
    Live classes are £12
    The Survival Program is £42 Take me there >

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    Maeve Madden

    Personal trainer Maeve was a stalwart during lockdown 1.0, with her daily IG Live workouts amassing thousands of fans - or as she calls them, her workout "Queens". Classes are high energy cardio fat burners that'll get your heart pumping and muscles aching fast.

    Why We Love It For Lockdown
    If you're looking for short, sharp - and free - workouts, then join Madden on her 20 minute instagram lives. There are also a plethora of longer classes saved on her IGTV. If you're soon hooked, you can sign up to do longer live sessions on her Queensdontquit website.

    Essential Info
    IG Live classes: Tues 5.30pm, Weds and Sat at 9.30am
    Queensdontquit membership: £17.99 p/month Take me there >

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    Workout for free for half of lockdown 2.0 by taking up Psycle's 14 day free trial offer to their new Psycle At Home channel. They have a range of pre-recorded classes and live sessions running during lockdown and have created a super handy Feel Great in 28 fitness calendar to follow.

    Why We Love It For Lockdown
    While it may have made its name for spinning classes, Psycle showed during the previous lockdown that they are no one trick pony. From sessions with fan favourite @bodbyrodpt to double barre with @maria_eleftheriou_ldn or ride with @oliverblackpt, you really can get your full fitness fix with this crew.

    Essential Info
    Free 14 day trial (you can cancel at any time).
    After that its unlimited classes
    for £35 p/month. Take me there >

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    Jab Boxing

    The Jab team are the real deal - managing to make boxing accessible and enjoyable to both seasoned pros and complete novices. Classes are 45 minutes of heart-pumping, sweat-filled endorphin-highs.

    Why We Love It For Lockdown
    Co-Founded by former England Boxing Captain, and multi-title winner, George Veness, who started boxing when he was six years old, Jab has quickly become a firm London favourite. On Monday they launch Jab TV,
    which sees a daily live class at 7.30am. If you're not a morning person, fear not, it gets saved for 24 hours.

    Essential Info
    Classes are £10 p/class or £35 p/week. Take me there >

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    Daily IG Live classes every weekday at 8am and weekends at 9am. Plus they're offering a free 5 day trial to their 300+ on-demand classes.

    Why We Love It For Lockdown
    Out of lockdown 1Rebel is one of London's favourite class-only gyms and they've managed to recreate the magic through their lives and on-demand sessions (which are a mix of HIIT, targeted muscle group classes, Bodyweight and dumbbell sessions).

    Essential Info
    Free classes on instagram, a 5 day free trial to on-demand & £15.99 p/month after that. Take me there >