The Top 5: At-Home Fusion Classes

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    Louisa Drake Method

    With a background in dance, Barre, Pilates and having spent a decade in NYC/LA as one of Tracy Anderson's elite team (where she looked after stars including Gwyneth Paltrow and Victoria Beckham), Drake began combining her favourite elements of each and the LDM method was born.

    Why We Love It For Lockdown
    Unsurprisingly LDM has quickly become one of London's most beloved workouts. It's famed for its ability to strengthen and elongate limbs through a series of low-impact moves. Try our wonderful class with Louisa over on our IGTV.

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    Free class over on Destino's IGTV
    £7 p/live class
    £12 p/recorded class Take me there >

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    A unique way of exercising that has won over models, new mums, busy executives and everyone in-between. US based P.volve was founded by Stephen Pasterino and their method is based on small, safe, functional movements that create a sculpted physique without straining or bulking muscles.

    Why We Love It For Lockdown
    This is a workout you can easily do every day and continuously evolve with. Each movement has been carefully developed to push muscles past plateau points, trimming bulk and creating visible definition.
    Many of the moves are also ok for pre and post-natal.

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    Free class on Destino's IGTV
    14 day free trial to over 200 classes online
    & $19.99 thereafter. Take me there >

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    Flex Chelsea

    Flex Chelsea were another stalwart of online classes during lockdown 1.0. And we've put them under fusion because their signature classes all have a twist: yoga is a mix of vinyasa and cardio thanks to longer pose holds, Peach On The Beach is a booty burning blend of all of the most impactful moves from S&C, pilates and Barre and so on.

    Why We Love It For Lockdown
    Try our free IGTV Peach on the Beach class. We also love their HIIT class Flexit and 30 Minute Abs sessions that'll see a combination of S&C, pilates, HIIT and yoga moves.

    Essential Info
    Free class on Destino's IGTV
    6 Live Classes p/day are via Kuula TV
    £12 p/live class
    £34.99 p/month for unlimited lives
    & on demand Take me there >

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    Melissa Wood Method

    If you canvas your friends with killer abs, we guarantee at least one will credit Melissa Wood's Method. Her mix of precise, low impact movements sculpts long lean lines and limbs. At its core is Wood's aim to ensure everyone has a great relationship with their body - something Wood used to battle with.

    Why We Love It For Lockdown
    Wood has three pillars of health: movement, guided meditation and mindful eating. Workouts range from 10 minutes to 45 minutes and while in some props are used, they can also be omitted so you really can do her workouts from anywhere. There are also brilliant Pre & Postnatal, treadmill and meditation sessions.

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    7 day free trial & $9.99 p/month after that
    1 new workout every Monday
    Unlimited access to 100+workouts Take me there >

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    Founded by PT Ciara Madden, her private instagram BodyByCiaraSquad exploded during the first lockdown. Why? Ciara's savviness in being one of the first to offer monthly unlimited membership (£15) for less than the cost of one gym class, combined with her killer workouts and community vibe. Her method is a muscle burning mix of moves inspired by HIIT, S&C and pilates (her 1500 rep booty challenge is infamous).

    Why We Love It For Lockdown
    In a nutshell incredible classes, unlimited membership & a contagious member culture. It's grown from 1 daily class with Ciara to over 40 classes a week with different instructors but the price has remained the same, making it incredible value.

    Essential Info
    £15 p/month for unlimited classes Take me there >