The Top 5: At-Home Mindful Classes

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    One of our favourite activities from last lockdown was a wonderful candle making session with Yougi. Founder Emily began making candles and holding workshops in person but has switched to online sessions during lockdowns (and will continue afterwards too). You select the scent you want and then a beautiful package arrives ahead of time with everything you need to make your own. Emily then talks you through it and at the end spends time doing an aromatherapy/fragrance combining lesson too.

    Why We Love It For Lockdown
    Scent and the ritual of lighting a candle means that sessions with Emily feel good for the soul. Plus learning a new skill only enhances the feeling of self-care too. There are aromatherapy only and wreath making workshops too.

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    Workshops from £35
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    Breathe With James

    Having experienced the transformative powers of meditation, James left his career to help people unlock the power of their breathing. Sessions include Breathwork to start your day, help you sleep, relax or work deeper into the emotional body. The result is increased focus, better rest and a dramatic stress decrease.

    Why We Love It For Lockdown
    2020 will go down as the year of many things and up there will be anxiety. Online guided sessions with James are powerful. Set to relaxing music his deep voice helps you escape the everyday and focus only on your breathing. The mind-clearing impact this has is sensational.

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    Look out for IG Lives
    7 day free trial to his online platform, £15 after that Take me there >

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    Alo Moves

    Alo is a great online platform with a plethora of classes that you can select by type, duration or intensity level. They have four main sections: yoga, fitness, mindfulness and skills. Under mindfulness there are subsections including yoga nidra, sound baths, meditation, breath work and personal development.

    Why We Love It For Lockdown
    This is a one-stop shop - you can opt for a sunrise salutation in the AM, personal development session at lunch and meditation before bed. Each section has a range of classes and all of the teachers are excellent.

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    Unlimited yoga, fitness, and
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    During the previous lockdown 8am Qigong sessions with the brilliant Chinese medicine practitioner, Katie Brindle became more and more popular. Her unique classes - some involving laughter therapy and bamboo tapping were just the respite many were in need of during such a mentally draining time.

    Why We Love It For Lockdown
    Katie was a stalwart of lockdown 1, going live multiple times a day, 7 days a week. The result was a huge fan base, her "qi-gang" and the good news is that there is now an entire platform which includes live qigong, breath and meditation classes and courses, with both Katie and a variety of hand-picked experts.

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    £40 p/month for unlimited classes
    IGTV sessions so that you can try the method first
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    There's a lot of emphasis on visual online classes, which is great if you don't mind more screen time. But if you're in the great outdoors or want to meditate then guided audio classes are where its at. WithU is an audio fitness app with a variety of classes - from HIIT through to meditaton.

    Why We Love It For Lockdown
    Try our 9 minute guided meditation class over on our IGTV. It's a short but impactful session that makes you feel relaxed fast. On the app, you can select from personalised programs or browse their entire catalog. To banish lockdown blues, try a power combo of their outdoor running session followed by a meditation.

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    Free meditation session over on IGTV
    Monthly app membership
    from £3.99 Take me there >