The Top 5: At-Home Pre & Postnatal Classes

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    PBB Babybarre

    Featuring a fusion of pilates and yoga specifically designed for pre and postnatal exercise, PBB's Babybarre online classes focus on suppleness and strengthening the muscles most-used (and needed) during pregnancy. Classes also help to alleviate common side-effects like lower back pain and sciatica.

    Why We Love It For Lockdown
    These classes will keep you fit and supple during pregnancy. And if you're post, you've probably also found out how hard trying to exercise while looking after a baby is. Which is why we love their thoughtful class times - two live classes a week on a Tuesday & Thursday lunchtime to coincide with nap time. Babies (up until they're crawling) are also welcome too.

    Essential Info
    On Demand is £20 p/month
    Live classes are £12 p/class Take me there >

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    One of the silver linings of lockdown is having access to a plethora of London's most sought after classes from the comfort of home. While the wonderful Nadia Narain is taking a break from her cult Saturday AM class (find her on her own website at 6.30pm every Monday), the Triyoga pregnancy offering remains quite literally the best in class.

    Why We Love It For Lockdown
    There are 10-12 pregnancy classes each week, enabling you to practise regularly. All of the teachers are wonderful and bring industry-leading experience, including many who are renowned doulas and are pregnancy yoga specialists (rather than yoga teachers who also do a pregnancy class), so it's definitely worth trying a few different classes as it'll be personal preference whose style you prefer.

    Essential Info
    For new clients it's £20 for 20
    credits (4 online classes) Take me there >

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    Louisa Drake Method

    With a background in dance, Barre, Pilates and having spent a decade in NYC/LA as one of Tracy Anderson's elite team (where she looked after stars including Gwyneth Paltrow and Victoria Beckham), unsurprisingly Louisa Drake's own method has quickly become one of London's most beloved workouts.

    Why We Love It For Lockdown
    Famed for its ability to strengthen and elongate limbs through a series of low-impact moves, Drake launched The LDM Pregnancy Project to ensure that women in their 2nd & 3rd trimesters and post-natally can still access a modified version of her cult Sculpt class (there are three live classes a week).

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    £7 p/class Take me there >

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    Pilates PT The Bump Plan

    Award-winning teacher Hollie Grant, Founder of Pilates PT has recently launched The Bump Plan, a training method Hollie has designed for all stages of pregnancy that combines low impact cardio and pilates. Its aim is to prepare the body for labour, reduce pregnancy-related aches & pains and develop the muscles you need most with a newborn.

    Why We Love It For Lockdown
    Head over to our IGTV to try a class (which is suitable for all stages of pregnancy). If you enjoy it there are also trimester-specific versions of The Bump Plan that you can take via Zoom or on-demand. Alongside The Bump Plan you can also take pre-natal pilates & post-natal pilates.

    Essential Info
    Prices start at £10 for a zoom class
    (£50 for unlimited classes each month) Take me there >

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    Four Sides

    During pregnancy and whenever you feel like exercising again post, it's vital to feel in safe hands. Based in Clapham and founded by two physiotherapists, their unique 360 degree, four-pronged approach includes physiotherapy, pilates, strength & conditioning and women's health.

    Why We Love It For Lockdown
    They are still offering 1:1 physio and physio-led pilates if you're based nearby. Otherwise, they've moved all of their offerings online - including live classes, personal training and 1:1 consultations (the latter is a brilliant service if you have concerns or pain during lockdown). They also have a series of pre-recorded pilates classes available for each trimester.

    Essential Info
    £25 p/month for on demand
    £15 p/live class Take me there >