The Top 5: Lockdown Beauty – Brows: How to Avoid The Mistakes Everyone Makes

By Sherrille Riley: Founder of Nails & Brows, London

  • 1

    Plucking Brows Too Thin

    Put down the tweezers and let them grow back. If it's too late and you've over plucked, to make them look thicker, try a tinted brown powder which can really help add the appearance of volume or for an instant fix use pencil to create believable, soft hair stokes. Take me there >

  • 2

    Making Brows Too Dark

    Even using a pencil or tint a couple of shades too dark can make brows too bold and bring unwanted drama to the face. To avoid this, never use a pencil darker than your darkest natural hair.
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  • 3

    Trimming Brows Too Short

    Another one I see often that can ruin brows. If you've been scissor happy, apply castor oil every evening which can help to thicken hair and speed up growth plus use a brow pencil to add length. Take me there >

  • 4

    Trying to Create Perfectly Sculpted Instagram Brows

    This is a very common mistake that many make and it often looks harsh and unflattering. The first rule of brow school: don't strive for two completely identical brows, instead perfect each of them individually. Take me there >

  • 5

    Forgetting That Brows Need Brushing Too

    Brows are hair, so it goes without saying that they need brushing too. Always use a brow brush and use upward strokes to open eyes and set brows into your desired shape.
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