The Top 5: Lockdown Locks: A Celebrity Stylist Shares The Products Everyone Should Use

By Harold Casey, Hair Stylist

  • 1

    Philip Kingsley Elastizer

    First up, lockdowns are a great chance to repair and strengthen the hair. Philip Kingsley's Elastizer is a great product as it adds lashings of moisture and protein, so you're getting two major healthy hair benefits in one. It's also perfect for all hair textures from coloured, fine, coarse and Afro Caribbean and it's fragrance and paraben free. Plus as well as repairing the hair, it's a game-changer for anyone with unruly frizz as it works like an anti-frizz treatment. During lockdown try and stay away from heated tools and use this at least once a week - sleep with it on overnight if you can. Take me there >

  • 2

    Silke Head Wrap

    These really make a difference to your hair by minimising moisture loss and reducing friction on the hair, which causes breakage and split ends (cotton pillowcases not only suck all the moisture but snag and damage hair too). These keep hair smooth and glossy and any hint of bed head at bay. Take me there >

  • 3

    Color Wow Dream Coat

    This is a game-changing product and makes all hair types feel lustrous and smooth. When used right, it acts like a mini permanent blow-dry, banishing frizz and dryness. Spray liberally on sectioned, towel dried hair and blow-dry with a brush to activate. Repeat every 3 washes. Take me there >

  • 4

    Violet Shampoo For Blondes & Blue For Brunettes

    To refresh colour before you can next get to a hairdresser, use a violet shampoo if you're blonde (and a blue one if you're a brunette) 1-2 times a week to keep colour looking fresh and banish brassy tones. I absolutely love Fudge (which has both a purple and blue option). Take me there >

  • 5

    Root Concealer Spray

    A root spray is a great way to conceal grey hair in-between salon visits. I love Josh Wood's or L'Oreal Paris' - both have what's called a "dry down" finish leaving hair non greasy, enabling you to brush it through and blend it in and ensure that it's also transfer resistant. My top tip? All root sprays do tend to dry to a matte finish, so I always spray a shine spray over it to hair looking glossy. Take me there >