The Top 5: Health-Boosting Supplements

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    For Great Skin: Lumity

    Lumity has been name-dropped by many of our Insider Interviewees as the secret to their glowing skin and increased energy. The day and night capsules contain vitamin C to boost immunity and skin health, Omega-rich flaxseed oil for skin and brain health, Iodine to stabilise thyroid function and turmeric to decrease inflammation.
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    For Thicker Hair: Viviscal

    Forget gimmicky hair gummies - Viviscal is the gold standard for hair health. Ask most hairdressers and they will attest to how well it works - often rattling off several of their own clients who've seen noticeable improvement in hair density. Like anything to do with hair, don't expect an overnight miracle, you need to take this for a minimum of three months before you see results. It's also always wise to seek medical guidance if your hair suddenly starts falling out with gusto. But for post-pregnancy or stress related hair loss, it works wonders. Take me there >

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    For Improved Digestion: Inessa

    Founder Aliza retrained to become a nutritionist after being diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis (IBD), a lifelong autoimmune condition. Their latest Advanced Biotic Complex contains 50 billion live organisms, including 6 strains known to support IBS, Crohn's and IBD but it's also fantastic for people to use post-antiobiotics or illness. Plus if you're headed abroad, they've blended it with non-pathogenic yeast saccharomyces boulardii, which helps to prevent and treat infectious (traveller's) diarrhoea. They've also been kind enough to offer Destino readers £10 off. Follow the link or enter DESTINO10 at checkout. Take me there >

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    For Sounder Sleep: Form Nutrition ZZZZ

    On the hunt for better sleep, you're often left with two extremes: hardcore sleeping tablets that might make you sleep but can leave you feeling more zonked than before or lavender spray, which while it might make your bedroom smell nice doesn't really cut an insomniac's mustard. Form's ZZZZ tablets contain 5-HTP that helps boost serotonin and melatonin, as well as magnesium and zinc, which combined help to promote sleep and strengthen your natural sleep/wake cycles. Pop one before bedtime to wake up feeling FRESH. Take me there >

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    For Better Everything: Lyma

    Billing itself as the world's first super supplement, Lyma contains seven clinically trialed, patented ingredients to boost immunity, mental focus and hair, skin and nail health. Claims are backed up by strong studies and they're also arguably the best looking supplement on the market - the copper capsules are stored in a hand-hammered copper holder.
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