The Top 5: Lockdown Locks: Brunette DIY Dyes, Glosses & Treatments

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    Christophe Robin Shade Variation Mask - Warm Chestnut

    Robin's masks are a great way of enhancing colour and getting rid of any brassy tones that have started to creep through. He actually designed these to take on holiday to combat the drying impact of salt and chlorine and the colour-stripping impact of the sun - but we love them for everyday use too since they're deeply hydrating but also contain colour pigments to refresh your colour (even if you've never dyed your hair it adds a depth to brunettes that's just sublime). Take me there >

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    Gina Conway Colour Care Kits

    We've all seen and heard about at-home dye disasters, so rest easy thanks to beloved hairdresser Gina Conway, who has come to the rescue for existing clients and new ones with these genius at-home Colour Care Kits. After a virtual consultation, one of their colour experts will hand-blend a tint just for you which gets delivered including all the paraphernalia like gloves, tint brush, clips, cape and disposable towels as well as step-by-step instructions and Aveda's Colour Care Shampoo and Conditioner. Take me there >

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    Josh Wood Colour Permanent Colour & Smoky Brunette Gloss

    Many beauty editors and influencers are showing first hand the transformative power of Josh's products and for brunettes a magic pairing is a box of their permanent colour to cover any greys (for reasons we'll never understand about the world of colour, if in doubt, go lighter - like their mid-blonde or darkest blonde for a brunette finish) and their Smoky Brunette Gloss, which neutralises any unwanted red tones and adds swathes of shine. The result is so so beautiful - and professional - that we're pretty sure many users won't feel the need to run to their nearest salon as soon as they open. If you need help with your colour, they're offering a free consultation service on their website too.

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    Maria Nila Colour Refresh - Cacao Intense 4.10

    A semi-permanent colour wash that will deepen and enhance your colour - leave it on for anything up to an hour - the longer you do the longer it'll last. It comes in several shades too so it caters to several tones of brunette (as well as redheads, greys and blondes). Take me there >

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    Rita Hazen True Color Ultimate Shine Gloss - Brown,

    This is the most subtle (although still worthwhile) of the products listed and we love this gloss for its ability to reinvigorate salon or natural brunette hair thanks to its colour pigments and an abundance of Vitamin B5 and silk proteins for serious shine.
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