The Top 5: Ski-Trip Must-Haves

  • 1

    The Skin Hydrator: Dr. Barbara Sturm + Perfect Moment Ski Cream

    Whistling down a mountain might be exhilarating but it quickly leads to wind-whipped, parched skin. This cream provides a much-needed protective barrier but thanks to its water-in-oil formula (meaning it glides on and gets lapped up by thirsty skin quickly) it also helps rehydrate any areas of dry skin. Applied in the morning before SPF and at night, the nourishing mix of She Butter, Jojoba Oil and Sunflower Extract gives skin a luminous, glossy glow that we can't get enough of - even once back from the slopes. Take me there >

  • 2

    The UV Protector: Shiseido WetForce Expert Sun Aging Protection Cream SPF50+

    Forget the SPF 50 of days gone by - this one is clear, a dream to apply and won't leave you looking like Casper the Ghost. You can even apply it over make-up. Take me there >

  • 3

    The Chapped Lip Protector: Manbi SPF 50+ Combi Suncream

    Once you know, you know (and will spot many savvy looking skiers carrying one). This pocket-size cream has a handy lip balm in the dome, so you can protect your skin, lips and travel light in the process. Take me there >

  • 4

    The Helmet Hair Saviour: Denman D7 Compact Brush & Mirror

    Although pocket space is limited while skiing, no one wants to sport a heavy case of helmet hair. Denman has created this tiny brush and mirror combo to solve this conundrum. Pop it in your jacket pocket and thank us later. Take me there >

  • 5

    The Slope to Apr├Ęs Transformer: Beautypie One Palette Wonder

    We've road tested many a palette and this one has it all: a highlighter, bronzer, two blushers and three eye shadows. All are sensational shades that suit pretty much everyone, so you can use this pre-skiing and again post to ramp up from day-to-night. It's small too - the same size as most solo compacts, so it's another pocket favourite. Take me there >