The Top 5: Skincare Rules Nichola Joss Lives By

By Nichola Joss: Facialist & Tanning Expert, London & NYC

  • 1

    Prioritise Gut Health

    To have truly great skin you need to understand that good skin comes from within: it's essential that the gut is clean and functioning at an optimum level. Your gut controls your organs and your largest living organ is your skin.

  • 2

    Feed Your Skin

    To achieve the above take daily supplements: a good probiotic, alkalising greens and a clean diet will all help the function of the skin. I love Lumity, which I've taken for over three years and would not be without them. They improve my skin, overall health and energy levels and keep my hair thick and shiny. Take me there >

  • 3

    Protect Skin

    This is a vital step that many still overlook, despite evidence that even on a cloudy day UV light is ageing them. It's so important to nourish and protect skin from environmental pollutants and sun damage, all year round with a great SPF. I love Decleor's range for the face and body.
    Take me there >

  • 4

    Rehydrate At Night

    This is the perfect time for a nightly massage, which is great for improving skin quality and offers the chance to use a super-soothing cream overnight. I rely on Augustinus Bader, it has transformed the health and density of my skin leaving it fully moisturised. Take me there >

  • 5

    Fake The Glow

    Tanning is a passion of mine and I've seen backstage at Fashion Weeks how to can transform everybody's skin. Nothing gives a healthy glow like a great fake tan. My favourite? Isle of Paradise - their whole range is designed to correct uneven skin-tone while giving a beautiful tan. Take me there >