The Top 5: Products For An At-Home Pedicure

By Destino

  • 1

    The Scrub

    "Pumice stones can break the elasticity of the skin and as a response, create even more calluses," explains world-renowned pedicurist Bastien Gonzalez. The answer? "Instead, soak your feet in warm soapy water for five minutes, apply a scrub, like our Black Diamond Scrub and rinse. Avoid doing anything using a metal file or razor - leave the sharp instruments to the professionals. Take me there >

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    The Cream

    While the beauty world is guilty of creating unnecessary creams for everything, your feet really DO need a specially designed one. Why? Because skin here is up to 20x thicker than anywhere else, so in order to banish dryness you need a super-strength formula that will penetrate all of the layers. We're yet to find one that beats Flexitol's Heel Balm. After only one use feet are noticeably softer and it's under £5. Take me there >

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    The Nail Serum

    Keep your toenails in peak condition by applying a moisture-drenching serum. Not only will this help counteract the drying effect of wearing nail polish (which can be akin to "burning" the nail, according to Gonzalez), it will also keep cuticles and surrounding skin soft - key if you ever suffer from in-grown nails. Take me there >

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    The Powder

    Gonzalez always finishes his legendary pedicures by sprinkling some of this powder into your shoes or over your sandals and says it's particularly vital when wearing heels (or during warmer months when the heat can cause shoes to rub). The fine powder creates a second skin that prevents sore feet & provides antiseptic protection. Take me there >

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    The Polish

    Nail Magic is one of those underground cult beauty products that's stood the test of time. It can be used as both a base and top coat with your regular colour or as a stand-alone clear polish. Users swear by its ability to transform nails - getting rid of dryness, ridges and weakness. Take me there >