The Top 5: Tips For Choosing Fragrance As A Gift

By Richard Clayforth: Scent Expert, Miller Harris

  • 1

    Don't Be Scared

    I’ve heard repeatedly that clients couldn’t possibly buy perfume as a gift: it's too tricky, far too personal etc. I dread to imagine what they are buying instead - irons, toasters, book tokens? If you know somebody well enough to buy them a gift of any thought and consideration, chances are that if you actually think about it, you know them well enough to buy them a scent.

  • 2

    What Is Their Style Personality?

    Classic and understated? Total vamp femme fatale? Hippie flower child? Imagine you were going to buy them a complete new outfit: what factors would you consider? Chances are you’d have a clearer idea, so apply that image to fragrance types.

  • 3

    Close Your Eyes & Picture The Recipient

    As you smell each proposed fragrance choice, imagine them while you smell each one. Does one harmonise or another jar more than the others when you put the image and smell together in your head?

  • 4

    Check If The Shop Offers A Sample

    That way it can be tried without opening the gift (making it trickier or even impossible to return). Having this “comfort zone “ of a test vial to ensure a successful gift can often ease the tension of making a choice.

  • 5

    Does The Store Offer Any Fragrance Experiences Or Workshops

    If you really can't decide a fragrance workshop is a great half-way house. Be it a discovery experience or a voucher that can be purchased, this way your friend can enjoy an activity and come away with a choice that you know they’ll love.