The Top 5: Tips For Great Hair Texture

By Zoltan: Texture Expert, London

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    Remember That Texture Is All About Hair Condition

    Whether you're worried about hair that's too straight, too curly, too frizzy or too wiry - remember that the key to improving it is to guard against damage. So the vital thing is to protect and repair the quality of your hair.

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    Every day

    Use a daily use protective serum (rather than a neat oil like coconut oil etc as the mix of chemical and oils in a specific serum work better than straight-up oil). I also like adding a small amount of Olaplex 3 as a leave in spot treatment to the ends of hair each day as a good way to boost condition. In my opinion, Olaplex works better over time instead of as a one-off salon treatment. Take me there >

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    Apply a deep conditioning mask - I love Philip Kingsley's Elastisizer - all of my customers rave about it, it's the best. The great thing is that you can apply it before shampooing and leave it in overnight. Take me there >

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    Have an in-salon treatment. In Japan and Korea they have entire care menus with 2 hour treatments that people have each month, which is something Europe should really start doing in a mainstream way. They use steam and mist and high-quality products. That being said, any Japanese or Korean owned salon will do it, so search for things like "Japanese hair treatment", "Tokyo hair treatment" to find someone near you. Take me there >

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    On holiday

    Buy a huge bottle of conditioner (one with silicone in it, because it coats and protects the hair shaft and contrary to the trend of silicone-free formulas, this can be good for the hair). Apply it throughout the day like a sunscreen. Take me there >