The Top 5: Ways To Avoid Flu This Winter

By Dr. Richard Firshein, Integrative Doctor, NYC

  • 1

    Humidify Your Home

    The flu virus does not seem to like humidity, or it may be that your mucous membranes are more stable (and therefore more protected) in humidity, when they are moist, rather than dry. Either way, humidify your home! Take me there >

  • 2

    Reduce Stress

    Whenever you can, try to reduce or avoid stressful situations. Limiting stress will reduce your cortisol levels, which in turn will boost your immune system. Take me there >

  • 3

    Keep Your Distance

    When people cough or sneeze, keep your distance (at least 3 feet or 1 metre) as the virus is passed along via droplets. Flu season peaks during the winter months because people tend to congregate indoors or on public transport where germs can spread easily.

  • 4

    Wash Your Hands

    Hand washing is the first defence against any infections, including colds and flu. Keep you hands away from your face (where germs can enter via the eyes, mouth and nose) and wash them frequently. Take me there >

  • 5

    Up Your Supplements

    During the winter, your immune system is lower because of reduced levels of melatonin and Vitamin D (both of which boost immunity). I generally like to do a blood test and look at Vitamin C, D and B12 levels. Typically, I recommend immunity enhancing supplements like Cordyceps, Zinc and Vitamin D. Take me there >